PRESS RELEASE: Peachfolio price alerts are live!

Peachfolio has launched price alerts in their mobile app for every token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) chains.

This is the first time that easy-to-use, effective price alerts are available for over 36k tokens and counting.

The Peachfolio app is an essential tool for investors tracking and trading small market cap coins, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions and smarter trades.

Peachfolio price alerts graphic with mobile device demonstration

Peachfolio Ecosystem 

In addition to the app, Peachfolio are building an ecosystem of cross-chain products. With a focus on tracking and analytics, the Peachfolio ecosystem is improving the infrastructure of DeFi. These new tools let you trade safer and smarter, no matter your level of experience.

The Peachfolio Ecosystem includes:

  • The Peachfolio App: The market leading DeFi portfolio tracking and analytics mobile app with over 60,000 downloads from the Google Play and Apple App stores.
  • PeachHub: Launching in December, the PeachHub web app will bring unrivalled data and analytics to DeFi. Fully integrated with the mobile app, PeachHub will supercharge your trading with real-time data, charting, and news.
  • PeachLearn: Educational resources designed to let you trade like a pro. Learn to Earn will give you the first look at new Peachfolio partner tokens.
  • PeachAnalytics: Deep dive analysis of a multitude of sources including market and social sentiment. PeachAnalytics does the hard work so you can make more informed trades.
  • PeachFinance (incorporating PeachWallet): Trade, store, and earn interest on your crypto assets with live trading, a fiat-to-crypto exchange, stop losses and limit orders, and farming.
  • PeachNFT and PeachGaming: Tap into the most booming areas of the blockchain with NFT tracking, including digital assets used in P2E games.

Image of the peachfolio ecosystem with examples


$PCHF Token 

The $PCHF token is at the centre of the Peachfolio ecosystem. Holding $PCHF unlocks access to Pro Features that supercharge your trading.

The $PCHF token has a multi-purpose transaction tax of 8%, which is distributed as follows:

  • 4% is redistributed to reward token holders in the form of reflections
  • 2% is used for operational costs, including ecosystem development
  • 2% is distributed to liquidity

The total supply is 1 billion tokens. $PCHF is audited by TechRate can be bought on PancakeSwap.

Learn more by visiting Peachfolio’s website, watching this explainer, and reading the whitepaper.

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