Peachfolio lock details

Peachfolio is a long-term project. Unlike other DeFi projects, the Peachfolio team decided not to have any unlocked tokens when the token was launched. It was a decision we took to gain the trust of our community. We’ve taken great care to further ensure the financial stability of the project into the future by locking substantial amounts of tokens and liquidity related to the project.

Locking tokens explained

To lock tokens, you need to use a service that creates a smart contract that locks them. That smart contract takes all the tokens from the wallet. After this is done, it is not possible to access these tokens anymore because the smart contract has them. 

Take for example Peachfolio’s marketing and team wallet. It is not actually a wallet at all. On BscScan, you can see the smart contract that we used to lock these tokens. It’s possible to tell that the tokens are locked by observing the contract icon beside it.

Peachfolio lock details

The 22% in this wallet represents 13% marketing wallet and 8% team wallet. Both are effectively locked until 2022.

In addition, the smart contract unlocks the marketing wallet gradually, so that there will never be the full amount unlocked at the same time.


See the details below for more information about dates:

  • Marketing tokens: Locked with five milestones from August 4, 2021 until Feb1, 2022. Unlocked gradually at a rate of 2.6% per month.
  • LP Tokens: Locked until 1 Jan 2023.
  • Presale: Completed on June 20, 2021. DxSale link
  • Team tokens: Locked until 1 Jan 2022.

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