Peachfolio Developer News – June 2021

Welcome to our first in a series of developer updates that we’ll be posting every two weeks. This is the place to keep up to date with the latest Peachfolio app developments and news about new features.

If you follow us on Telegram or Twitter, I’m sure you’ll agree that things have been pretty busy here at Peachfolio recently. It’s only two weeks since we launched the beta version of our app, and one week since we launched the Peachfolio token.

We’ve been delighted with the response so far. Our app has been downloaded 3k times so far, and our Peachfolio token hit an astonishing $2m market cap on launch night.

But things move fast in DeFi, and we know that you can’t afford to stand still. We’ve been continuing to prepare for our upcoming app store releases and developing exciting new pro features for future versions.

We’d like to take a moment here to tell you about some of our journey so far and the exciting milestones ahead.

Where we stand: beta app and token

Obviously, the biggest development news from our team over the last two weeks has been the release of our beta app and our token. However, there has been a lot of other work behind the scenes that we would like to share with you.

Beta app

On June 13, we launched the Peachfolio app beta (v1) launched as a downloadable APK on our site. Unlike the vast majority of other DeFi projects, we launched our product before our ICO. We felt that this was the best way to show this is a serious project with a long-term goal and a bright future.

We’ve been thrilled with your engagement so far. The app has been downloaded 3,000 times so far! We think this is an incredible number for an APK offered through our site. We’re more certain than ever that this number will rocket when we add the app to Google Play Store and Apple App store in July.

We know the iOS users in our community can’t wait to try the app – your wait is nearly over!

See the iOS app for yourself on YouTube

Right from the start, it’s been our intention to make Peachfolio a community driven project, and this is why we established a Peachfolio app support group on Telegram for you to share your thoughts about the app and suggestions for new features in the future. We’ve been delighted with your feedback and engagement so far, and we’ve already implemented ideas from our community into the app. You’ll see more of those great community ideas in future versions.

We were also thinking of our community when we created comprehensive help guides to get you started with the app. These guides will grow and develop as we add new features to the app, so make sure to bookmark them to come back to in the future!

Peachfolio token

On June 20, we followed up on our app beta with the launch of the Peachfolio token. We launched the token with a presale on DxSale, followed up with a week-long push of marketing activities. You can learn more about our marketing plans for the future in our Marketing News article.

In the same way as our app, we wanted to make clear again that this is a long-term project. To show this, we’ve locked liquidity for the token until January 1, 2023 and our Developer Tokens until January 1, 2022. You can find more details in this article.

After an initial dip, the Peachfolio token roared to life and hit a market cap of nearly $2 million dollars. We feel this was an astonishing number for a token release, and of course we’re delighted with it! We also hit important milestones like our listing on CoinGecko with more listings to follow soon.

Sadly, it seems our launch also coincided with a drop in the entire cryptocurrency market. Indeed, all global markets have suffered this downturn with financial stocks, commodities, and crypto dropping. Prices for the top 100 cryptocurrency assets have all suffered with no exceptions, and we’ve also felt this market pressure with the Peachfolio token.

However, we feel extremely optimistic at Peachfolio. When the next rise happens in global markets, we’ll be in prime position to take advantage of it with the next phase of our project. We’d like to share with you some of the plans now, and we hope you’ll see why we’re confident that this project is ready to rocket.

The next steps: our road ahead

First things first. If you want to see where Peachfolio is going, look no further than our detailed app roadmap. You’ll find everything you need to know about the new features we’ve planned, when we will deliver them, and what the next two quarters will look like for the Peachfolio app.

We’re going to now highlight some of our key app milestones like price alerts, more blockchains, Capital Gains Tax calculations and more.

Our app feature plans at a glance

  • Google Play Store and Apple App Store launch in July
  • Price alerts, more language options for a truly multilingual app experience, and more currencies
  • Improved tracking capabilities with a node deployment in August
  • Live charts in September
  • Rug checking capability to alert you if liquidity is not locked or burnt. It will also alert you to the address holding the biggest % of the token
  • P&L calculator to take all your transactions from multiple addresses and calculate your profits and losses. It will also generate a detailed report for you
  • More blockchains (Ethereum first) in October
  • Capital Gains Tax calculations (US and UK first) in December
  • January 2022: Swap capabilities, limit orders, and stop losses

As always, we are open to ideas from our community, and we’re delighted that you have contributed so many great ideas to this roadmap. We hope you’ll continue to give us great feedback in our app support group and let us know which features matter most to you.

We also have a github page where you can track progress on new functionalities and issue mitigation.

Thanks for sticking with us so far. We’re delighted to have you with us on this journey, and we can’t wait to share our success with you!

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