Peachfolio AMA with Crypto Twilight – July 2021

On Sunday July 4, we had a really enjoyable AMA with our friends at Crypto Twilight. We had a blast answering some great questions from the Crypto Twilight community. Read on to see some of the highlights from the AMA.

Crypto Twilight AMA questions

1. Why did you start this project? What made you want to create an app?

As a team, we’ve all been in crypto since 2017, or maybe even earlier. When we started to get into DeFi, we noticed how hard it is to monitor your tokens, track your gains, watch price fluctuations, and remember your buy-in price. There were some tools available already, but none of them were enjoyable to use, complete, or accurate enough for our needs.

We realized that between us, we had the experience in development, testing, and change management to create our own app. So we put our heads together and made a list of features that we would want in an app for it to really work for us, and the idea of Peachfolio was born.

2. How confident are you of hitting your proposed roadmap dates? When will the app be released?

We’re very confident. A key reason for us pushing out such a detailed roadmap was that we didn’t want to overpromise and fail to deliver so our dates have that in mind.

We don’t want to rush anything, and we feel we’ve set very realistic targets. We’ve exceeded our own planned dates at every stage so far, and we’re making very good progress on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store/iOS releases.

3. What sets your project apart from similar projects in crypto? What is your unique selling point?

We aim to be the go-to app for DeFi wallet tracking. We released our beta with a number of our target features and, if we say so ourselves, a fantastic user-friendly design! People who are using Peachfolio right now (we have 3000+ installs) are raving about how good it looks and how responsive it is. This is great, because that was our aim.

We want this to be a product that meets the needs of DeFi traders everywhere, and especially our community. For this reason, we welcome feedback through our support channels and publicly track feature requests on our Github.

There’s been lots of great ideas from our community that we’ve incorporated into our roadmap. Some examples are the ability to hide troublesome scam tokens, localizing the app into additional languages, and searching by QR code. We’ve even integrated some of these improvements already! If you’re interested, you can see which ones we’ve completed on our Github.

We know that by delivering on the community’s needs and focusing on quality, we’ll grow our user base.

4. How are you going to weather crypto turbulence? What about the bear market?

We’re at the “Early Adopter” stage, so we’re confident that we’ll continue to grow and improve our product. When the market stabilizes or regains momentum (which potentially we’re seeing signs of) we’ll be positioned perfectly. I think across Defi, we’re seeing utility-based tokens are the ones bucking the trend as people see opportunity.

We’re at over 3k downloads and that’s without being available on the Google Play Store yet or being available to IOS devices, so we’re confident there’s a healthy demand.

Questions from Twitter

Marketing is an essential element of every project, so everyone knows the potential that a project can generate. What is Peachfolio‘s strategy to attract new users and investors and maintain them on your platform in the long term?

We are a product-focused project. The app is central to all of our marketing plans. Our dream is to get Peachfolio into the pocket of every DeFi investor. When the Peachfolio app launches on the App Store and Play Store, we will launch a multi-platform advertising campaign utilising Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok and advertising on DeFi-centric sites such as PooCoin.

We are also planning a referral scheme for the app, helping spread it exponentially to new users. Once Peachfolio becomes the DeFi portfolio tracker of choice, the PCHF token will become a household name and will essentially be advertised for free by the Peachfolio app.

Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to develop here? Please share with us!!

DeFi is exploding in Southeast Asia! A large proportion of our earliest investors are from the region. We were lucky enough to be reviewed on a popular Indonesian YouTube channel early on in our project. As a result, we have a lot of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable SE Asian investors! We actually have dedicated Indonesian and Chinese telegram groups set up by our community.

We really want to capitalise on this momentum and make Peachfolio the number one DeFi tracking app across Southeast Asia. We are planning to release Peachfolio language updates that span the region, so that it is more accessible to more and more people. We’re also getting  the advice of our SE Asian community to find the best possible ways to reach more people in this market.

Can you point to a feature that you like best on the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about your background? Do you have a plan to get users to choose your platform?

We started Peachfolio to fix the annoying problems we were experiencing every day as DeFI investors.Our main drivers are high usability and a focus on delivering what the community needs for an enjoyable experience. Too many services in the DeFi space are difficult and awkward to use, and technical services don’t need to be that way.

We’ve focused on quality and it’s shown in our beta feedback. We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback on the fact our service automatically adds tokens rather than making the user manually add them. We allow a user to track across multiple wallets and show in a list at the same time, that’s something many noted in the community as a gap we’ve solved. Most of all the app is simply quick and easy to use with a lot of configuration options available to the end user.

Going forward we see our Pro features enhancing the offering and really selling the Defi experience, all in one app. Our first features much requested include the ability to easily track profit and loss and of course custom set price alerts. However we have a lot more in the works to be disclosed in the coming months.

A lot of people are worried about Scam tokens these days. How can you make the community assured that Peachfolio token is the REAL DEAL

We at Peachfolio are all DeFi investors at heart. We started the project because we wanted to make life easier for people trading low MC coins.

Because we have traded in these, let’s face it – shitcoins – we have also been caught out by scams in the past! Because we wanted to build trust in the project from the very beginning we took the unusual step of releasing the Peachfolio app before our token launch. We have found in DeFi projects make huge promises but often never deliver – we wanted to break that trend and start delivering from the very start!

What are the  major achievements of the project  and what milestones are planned in the upcoming months/years? And While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands and try to implement them?

  • Launching a product before the token was a big step for us. We wanted to prove to our community that we were a unique project.
  • Our presale sold out in 5 seconds – that was incredible!
  • We’ve very recently been listed on both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap and we’re in discussion with others.
  • A strong community who have enjoyed using the app. Over 3k downloads to date.
  • App Support group was created alongside the beta to obtain feedback with a public Github tracking all the community ideas. Many of these have made their way onto the roadmap plan already for the next versions of the app. This is something we’ll persist with beyond the beta.
  • #teampeach is our strength

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