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No matter your level of experience.

Get cutting-edge tracking and analytics tools that help you trade BSC, Ethereum, Avalanche, and Polygon chain tokens with confidence, whether you’re an experienced trader or new to DeFi.

The Peachfolio ecosystem is the only multi-platform smart solution that delivers portfolio data, market analytics, crypto news, and financial tools right to your fingertips.

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The Peachfolio

Keeping track of your assets and making great decisions can be extremely challenging in the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency. As investors ourselves, we believe it doesn’t need to be so hard. That’s why we created the Peachfolio ecosystem.

Hold the $PCHF token to get instant access to tools that are optimized for your Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio. Keep track of your wallets in real time, trade and store tokens with ease, get in-depth market insights and breaking news, and learn the skills you need to trade like a pro.

The Peachfolio App

Track all your DeFi tokens from the moment they launch

Get the only app that can track every Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Avalanche (AVAX), and Ethereum token in your portfolio. Hold the $PCHF token to add as many wallets as you want and have all the insights you need to make the best decisions.

Peachfolio is an easy-to-use wallet tracker app optimized for your DeFi portfolio. You can keep track of all your wallets, set price alerts, and get in-depth insights for all of your tokens, even brand-new ones. 

Rediscover long-forgotten tokens that have increased in value, or find brand new gems to invest in with the Peachfolio app’s Daily Gainers list. 


Leverage the most powerful features in
DeFi to manage your portfolio

Portfolio monitoring

Track unlimited wallets on the BSC and Ethereum blockchains. Want to track a whale? No problem.

Tools and charting

Get live charts at your fingertips with selectable timeframes and volume tracking.information.

Price alerts

Act fast when the price moves. Set price alerts so that you never miss a great trade again.

Profit and loss statements

Analyse your trades in depth with the data you need to make smarter decisions.

Transaction reports

See every buy, sell, and transfer for every token in your wallet.

Reflections tracking

Watch your tokens grow. Peachfolio tracks reflections for an ever-increasing number of projects.

Fully customisable

Get multiple languages, currencies, themes, and more.

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Cutting-edge data and analytics to supercharge your trading.

Get real-time data, charting, breaking news, and powerful analytics to give you unrivaled market coverage in one place. Track every token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Polygon (MATIC).

PeachHub seamlessly integrates with the Peachfolio app* to give you key information when you’re on the move and detailed analysis when you’re at your desk.

*Note: You will need to hold the $PCHF token to sync with the Peachfolio mobile app.
See our Peachfolio Pro section for more details.

PeachHub Key Features

Portfolio tracking

Get wallet-level analysis including profit and loss of your holdings over time, key trading statistics, total reflections earned, and more.

Advanced technical analysis tools

See multiple charts at a glance, market caps, detailed transaction history, analysis
on holders and volumes, and whale watching tools.

Advanced alerts

Customize advanced alerts that go above and beyond simple configurations of price or % change.

Capital gains tax calculations

Get detailed reports and calculations based on your specific tax jurisdiction.

News feed

Access integrated articles, RSS feeds, and breaking market news to help you keep up to date with DeFi

Presale market analysis

Get lists of upcoming presales with built-in reminders to make sure you don’t miss any exciting opportunities.

Learn the skills you need to trade like a pro with our blockchain educational resources

Get all you need to improve your trading skills, use the advanced analytics tools in Peachfolio and PeachHub, and avoid dishonest projects.

As a $PCHF holder, you have access to PeachLearn resources designed to improve your trading skills and avoid scams. Our premium content includes articles, videos, and explainers made by the Peachfolio team and guest editors from around the world.

PeachLearn to Earn also gives $PCHF holders access to airdropped tokens and assets from partner projects. Earn crypto in a fun and educational way through videos and quizzes.

PeachAnalytics is a sophisticated analytics package that eliminates the tedious research that you currently need to make informed trades. 

It utilizes cutting-edge technology to aggregate data from a multitude of sources to provide a centralized platform that informs all of your trading decisions.

Get market surveillance and analytics using the latest market developments, future trends, whale movements, and social media to see the quality and reliability of the tokens you want to invest in.

Upcoming Social Trends

See instant analysis on the reliability of Twitter and Telegram followers and the true level of engagement to understand NFT and token risks. Identify new trends and themes that indicate clear buy or sell signals.


Get live whale tracking and understand how dominant whales are for any given token. Set up alerts to get warnings if they make any moves so you can to replicate trades or strategies.

Aggregated Influencer Analysis

Use reviews of YouTube, Twitter, and other Social Media influencers to understand their credibility and impact.

Private Doxxing

Get more assurances on a project’s development team with our service for token teams to privately dox with Peachfolio.

PeachFinance with PeachWallet and PeachInsurance

Trade, store, and earn confidently with peach of mind

PeachFinance lets you trade, store, and earn interest on your crypto assets. Use the PeachWallet one-stop solution for access to live trading, a fiat-to-crypto exchange, stop losses and limit orders, sophisticated charting, and farming.

PeachFinance key features

  • PeachWallet: Perform live trades and swap tokens within the app and buy crypto with fiat. PeachWallet also lets you store and earn interest on your crypto assets, while ensuring you maintain full control of your private keys.
  • Automatic dollar-cost averaging (DCA) orders: Configure automatic DCA orders (e.g. buy $100 worth of $PCHF every month).
  • DeFi farming: Access an integrated DeFi farming service to farm and track your yields right from your phone.
  • Stop losses and limit orders: Set stop losses and limit orders to enhance your trading capabilities and reduce risk.
  • Real-time token charts: Follow the latest price actions of tokens, see trades as they’re made, and watch the chart movements live.
  • Peach of mind with PeachInsurance: Get the best options to protect your assets by monitoring the crypto market for wallet insurance cover, collateral protection for crypto-backed loans, and smart contract cover.

PeachNFT and PeachGaming

Store your NFTs, get market history, and view asset validation with PeachNFT. Track your earnings and manage in-game items with PeachGaming.

  • Storage: Store your NFTs in a safe and stable environment.
  • Market history: Research non-fungible token sales history and trends per project.
  • Asset valuation: Assess the market value of NFTs before buying and selling them.
  • Learning: Integrate with PeachLearn to help you master the NFT market.

A central platform where you can track your earnings, view play-to-earn yields, and manage your in-game items and NFT assets.

Discover and play exciting new games across multiple blockchains.

Pro Pricing

The Peachfolio Ecosystem is powered by the $PCHF token. It is central to everything we do. The Peachfolio Ecosystem will be structured according to 4 levels with the advanced functionality reserved for those who hold certain amounts of the token.

Table of Peachfolio Pro tiers

*Note: When connecting your wallet to enable Pro features, we only read the content of the wallet to confirm that you hold the sufficient $PCHF.


Q2 2021

  • Beta app launch 
  • Token launch
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • CoinGecko listing

Q3 2021

  • Google Play Store app launch
  • Apple App Store app launch
  • Language packs 1 & 2
  • Ethereum blockchain launch

Q4 2021

  • Audit
  • Website relaunch
  • Whitepaper 2.0
  • Doxxing
  • Price alerts
  • Pro features lock
  • Reflections tracking
  • PeachHub

Q1 2022

  • PeachAnalytics
  • 2 new blockchains

Q2 2022

  • PeachLearn

Q3 2022

  • PeachWallet

Q4 2022

  • PeachSmartWatch

Q1 2023

  • PeachInsurance
  • PeachNft
  • PeachGaming


Peachfolio is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio tracker app for your DeFi wallets. It lets you see the current value of your DeFi cryptocurrency tokens in one easy location. It can track every Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) chain token in your wallets, no matter how new the token is or when the token was launched. 

You add your wallets by adding your wallet address to the app. You never need to add your seed phrase because the Peachfolio app only uses publicly-available information, making the app safe and secure. 

You can access all the data you need to make informed decisions and get the most out of your DeFi portfolio.

When you start investing in DeFi tokens, you quickly notice a few big problems.

  • Wallets like Metamask and Trust Wallet can show you the amount of a DeFi token you have in your wallet. But for new tokens, you usually can’t see the actual dollar value of the token. And even when you can, it’s not the current price right now. 
  • If a token is brand new, you won’t see it at all. This is because these apps require you to add them as a Custom Token. This is an awkward process where you need to know the right decimals for the token or you’ll see an incorrect value.
  • If you’re looking for the right moment to buy or sell, you have to spend hours on PancakeSwap watching the price. If you prefer watching a chart, you’ll need to go to even more sites or apps to get the data you need.
  • The more tokens you own, the harder it is to track how you’ve invested. It doesn’t take long before you can’t remember the price you bought a token at, or why you even bought it at all. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to add notes to keep a record of important information?
  • And what if you need to know the current marketcap of one of your tokens? You’ll need to go to yet another site like to get it.

If this list sounds familiar, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be. We were just as frustrated as you, and that’s why we created Peachfolio portfolio tracker app. 

If you’d like to try the Peachfolio app, you can download it for free on Google Play Store and Apple App store.

To get access to our great Pro features, you can buy the $PCHF token on PancakeSwap and other similar exchanges.

Need more information? Get in touch on Telegram and Twitter.

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